In 1884, Allen replaced Fee’s Road, 1875. Allen was for Thomas Allen, a City Tax Collector for St.Lawrence Ward and Alderman for St. David’s Ward intermittently between 1877-18790 and for Ward 1 from 1894 to 1897. Fee’s Road was for John Fee who purchased the land, part of the original John Cox land grant. It is a one block residential street running east off Broadview to Boulton.

In 1884 there were twelve houses on the street, homes of a baker, a peddler, four laborers, a teamster, a painter, a machinist and a widow. At this time women were described as being either married or as widow or spinster. In 1885, as a reward for joining the city, sewer and water services were installed and a cedar block roadway and wooden curbing put in.